Silvon Pillowcase

We’ve all read the internet’s praises about silk pillowcases - but is it really as amazing as it’s chalked up to be? With most brands, the price of a single silk pillowcase can be as high as a whopping $90! What we want to know is, what’s so special about silk? And is it worth it?

We compared a Silvon Silk Pillowcase, released earlier this year, with its cotton counterpart. Here is what we found:

silvon silk pilllow

Silvon Silk®

Best for:Aging, wrinkles, dryness, acne

Price: $70

Pros:The rumors are true. There are many benefits to sleeping on a silk pillowcase including keeping your skin and hair hydrated overnight, and can even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   

Cons:Silk is a complicated fabric to produce, which is why the price point can be so high. Silvon Silk is the highest quality and lowest price point silk pillowcase available, and is a great option for someone interested in trying silk for the first time.

Conclusion:Looking for that extra little boost in your beauty routine? And don't mind spending a little money to get there? Go silk. It feels amazing against your face and it’s good for your hair - And with Silvon Silk, it even prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria.

silvon cotton pillow

Silvon Cotton®

Best for:acne, irritation, oiliness

Price: $40

Pros:Silvon uses Supima cotton for these pillowcases which is one of the highest qualities and softest cotton available. It’s great for staying cool at night if you’re a hot sleeper. You can also buy two Silvon cotton pillowcase for the price of one Silvon Silk. 

Cons:Cotton, although breathable and cooling does not have any particular benefits for hair follicle heath. Cotton can also cause sleep creases in your skin overnight. 

Conclusion:Looking for the best bang for your buck? Silvon’s cotton pillowcase set is a great deal and is still great for your skin.

August 05, 2021 — Silvon Home