We interviewed Harvard-trained and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Sharon Littzi, to give us the inside scoop on her holistic skincare tips and tricks. Here are her answers!


What are your thoughts about a silver-infused pillowcase? Can it help to clear breakouts?

The silver infused pillowcase is a game changer because it is antibacterial and would be very helpful if you don’t wash your pillowcase every day. The Silvon brand is so soft it feels like silk so it would be  a nice alternative to silk which wears out rapidly.

What skin types do you think Silvon would benefit from? / Which clients would you recommend Silvon to?

Silvon would be great for all clients but especially those with sensitive skin or who get infections or acne easily.

Can unwashed bedding or dirty face towels be contributing to breakouts or skin irritation?

Unwashed bedding can contribute to folliculitis, irritation or acne. It is important to keep sheets clean and with the silver infusion, that becomes easier.

If you could give 3 general skincare tips, what would they be?

Morning cleansing, Vit C moisturizer and SPF — Evening complete makeup removal and moisturizer with a retinoid cream (twice per week and increase as tolerated) Don’t forget an eye cream — Eat enough protein and Vitamin C daily with sun protection to maintain your collagen production — Use natural moisturizers on your body that have few ingredients like Argan oil,

Jojobe or coconut oil bases. Jojobe probably best if you have acne on your body.

What do you tell your patients who are struggling to clear up their skin?

For patients who are struggling with their skin it is important to realize the problem could be multifactorial. The number one problem I see is overuse of products and using creams that can actually exacerbate acne. Carefully look at all ingredients before buying a product and don’t buy into the marketing. 

Hormones can play a role; either too many or being out of balance. These can be checked with blood testing. Day 21 in the morning of menstruating female cycle is the best time to ck female hormones. Stress can play a huge role in acne as well as poor diet, especially dairy. Consider stopping dairy and sugar if you have acne.

There can be a genetic component and if so, you may want to seek professional help early. Acne can be put into complete remission. It takes patience and can be up to 16 weeks before medications and lifestyle changes work. Lasers can also be helpful.

I've tried everything to clear my skin at home. When do I know when it's time to see a doctor?

It is time to seek professional help if acne is affecting your life both professionally or mentally. If acne is affecting your self esteem, it can be treated and in most cases cured if you are willing to work with your dermatologist. It is really important if there is any scarring or you do not heal well to seek out a dermatologist. Today there is no reason to suffer with acne or end up with acne scars.

Sharon Littzi, MD is a Harvard trained, board-certified dermatologist based in New Canaan, CT

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August 13, 2021 — Silvon Home