The silvon difference

Clinically tested
anti-acne fabric

Your sheets and towels should keep you clean. That’s where our research-backed, bacteria-buildup blocking fabric comes in.

Let’s face it

No soaps or creams will be able to keep your skin clean and clear if you’re (unintentionally) rubbing acne-causing bacteria from your towels and sheets into your skin every night and day. We had the same problem, which is why we developed Silvon® Technology: fabrics woven with an innovative yarn coated with natural silver. Powered by Ionic+ these fibres enable our fabrics to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria on its surface that can lead to odors and breakouts. Read on to discover the Silvon difference.

Silvon grey face towel

Stop the breakouts at their source

Ordinary fabrics collect bacteria, only to transfer it right back onto your skin. This vicious cycle can cause blemish-prone skin to break out or heal slower than usual. Most dermatologists recommend daily washing if possible. This just isn't realistic, and over-washing has a negative impact on the fabrics, and the environment.

Silver + cotton: A match made in heaven

We use fibers coated with natural silver — no harsh chemicals or treatments here. By weaving our fabrics with natural silver our fabrics prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria on its surface and have countless benefits to your skin and health. Because these fibers are woven directly into our fabrics, its benefits will not wash away or degrade in strength.

Customer Picks

Wrap yourself in luxury. Whether you're stepping out of the bath or jumping into bed, you'll feel the Silvon difference when your skin touches our fabrics, woven from cotton and silver.