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The cleanest sheets you’ll ever own.

Your sheets contain up to a billion bacteria cells after just one week. Our sheets inhibit 99% of all bacterial growth using advanced silver technology that never washes out.

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Better skin

Our fabrics repel acne-causing bacteria to support your skincare.

Natural materials

Made with pure silver and cotton. No harsh chemicals or treatments.

Backed by science

We only use clinically-backed and researched materials.

    Bacteria. Be gone.

    Here’s a fact. Your sheets and towels are a breeding ground for microscopic bacteria. Here’s a lesser-known fact. Certain metals – like silver – have a natural talent to repel bacteria.

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    Clearer skin. Science says.

    Tested by leading independent microbiology labs, Silvon fabrics are proven to reduce acne-causing bacteria by 99.97%. Silvon pillowcases do their bit so your fancy creams can do theirs.

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