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Sheet Set

Bedding for better skin. Woven with silver to naturally eliminate acne-causing bacteria so you always have a clean surface to rest on. What's included:

2x Pillowcases (1x w/ Twin, Twin XL)
1x Fitted Sheet
1x Flat Sheet

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Clinically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteriaClinically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteria

Woven with soft and breathable Supima® cottonWoven with soft and breathable Supima® cotton

Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenicDermatologist tested and hypoallergenic

Bedding for better skin

Ordinary sheets collect bacteria, only to transfer it right back onto your skin. Plus, most of us don’t change our sheets as much as we should. Our silver threads help stop bacteria from reproducing — so you always have a clean bed to climb into.

Cool and comfortable

We combined our silver threads with Supima® cotton to invent a silk-soft and breathable fabric that your skin will love.

Thoughtful details 

Our premium grippy elastic keeps your fitted sheet in place no matter what. 


3,909 reviews


Daniel S.


These sheets reign supreme.

I use Silvon sheets exclusively after purchasing my first set more than a year ago (I now have 3) and falling head over feet. Why? Well, they fit my bed perfectly, come beautiful unisex colors, are incredibly soft, and prevent breakouts. They are the PERFECT sheets.

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Judy M.


Helps with Shingles

Silvon sheets help reduce shingle outbreaks. I have ordered 2 sets and plan to get more.

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Kelsey T.


Best sheets ever!

I’ve owned their pillow cases and towels for a while but I recently got their bed sheet set, and I love them!!! They’re so soft and always just have a clean feeling. They also have the best elastic and hold onto my mattress really well and I never have to fix it. Bonus! My cats love these new sheets now too. I always find them napping in my bed rather than their beds ever since I switched sheets!

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Kenneth A.



Great! Delivery was on time and product is out of this world!

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Niambi C.


Sleep Like A God/Goddess…Seriously!

I cherish my sleep soooo that’s why I went all in on my sheets and duvet! Now I have multiple colors and referring them to everyone. Everything ships out SO FAST and is packaged very neatly. It is such a rich experience. PLUS my skin is loving every night and of rest. These sheets make you not want to try anything else…ever. Bless Silvon!

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sophia r.


Amazing Quality Fabrics

I bought 2 pillowcases and 1 face towel and they are so soft and feel so nice on my skin!

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Justin B.


Yes and more yes

The coverings are soft, supply and were just what i needed! I looked in my face next morning and the first thing I noticed, no breakouts! Can’t wait to try out more products!

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Naya S.


Love it

Fast shipping! Love my new pillowcase and definitely already notice reduced breakouts. I’m amazed! The only downside is it doesn’t feel as soft as I was hoping. It actually feels rough compared to what I’m used to (satin and/or cotton). Otherwise it’s great and I can’t wait to buy more!

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Abhijaya S.


Great purchase

This is definitely more expensive than your average product but personally, I think it is worth it. It feels great, and the fact that it will help keep my skin clean and reduce the chances of acne is what sold me. Plus having to do less laundry is a bonus. I love the sky color but my friend told me it looks like hospital beds at night.

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Amanda T.


I thought this was fake...

I bought face masks, face towels, and pillow sheets to help with my acne that has made a resurgence on my face and WOW! i have noticed a difference! I will be buying more sheets and towels soon. (p.s. the pillow sheets are soft and cool.)

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