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Sheet Set

Bedding for better skin. Woven with silver to naturally eliminate acne-causing bacteria so you always have a clean surface to rest on. What's included:

2x Pillowcases (1x w/ Twin, Twin XL)
1x Fitted Sheet
1x Flat Sheet

Status: Ready to ship

Clinically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteriaClinically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteria

Woven with soft and breathable Supima® cottonWoven with soft and breathable Supima® cotton

Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenicDermatologist tested and hypoallergenic

Bedding for better skin

Ordinary sheets collect bacteria, only to transfer it right back onto your skin. Plus, most of us don’t change our sheets as much as we should. Our silver threads help stop bacteria from reproducing — so you always have a clean bed to climb into.

Cool and comfortable

We combined our silver threads with Supima® cotton to invent a silk-soft and breathable fabric that your skin will love.

Thoughtful details 

Our premium grippy elastic keeps your fitted sheet in place no matter what. 


4,006 reviews


rachel r.



Love these sheets, this is my third set and i plan to continue supporting this company. The sheets are so soft, feel über clean, and the elastic is tough so they stay put even when your bedmate rolls in circles like a crocodile.

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Ryan M.



Love my pillow case.

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Micheline M.


Pillowcase love

Love love love the pillowcases. The feel so soft and silky on my cheeks and to think that they are good for my skin as well - Bonus!

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Fanta S.


Less acne

I purchased the pillow case and the face towel and received a face mask. Wow it made a difference. I’m seeing less acne especially around my cheeks and chin. Which means less hyperpigmentation. I’m glad I found Silvon.

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Cari F.


Best pillowcases!

No matter how good my skin care products & routine were, my pillows were still causing me to have blemishes. I have been blemish free since I started using the Silvon pillowcases & now, I can’t ever imagine going without them! I stocked up so that I always have backups & I travel with them now too!

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Jeneeta O.


The best pillowcases

This is my second purchase. Not only do I feel more at peace about sleeping on these sheets, they are soft and cool to the touch. Love the clean crisp look of the simple design as well.

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Rosalynd U.


Cool side of the pillow

Amazingly soft material

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Daniel P.


Amazing product

I have been using the Silvon pillow case for a while now and I’m enjoying it a lot. It keeps my face clear of acne, while also being super soft and nice on my hair and face. I love this product and I will definitely be buying from Silvon again.

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Tiago G.


Best in the market

I honestly thought i was overpaying for this, but still bought it because why not. First 3 days I noticed a big improvement on my face, and 2 weeks after i got no overnight pimples, NOTHING. If you're in the same positions as me, trust me it's worth it 100%

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Tawney M.


my clear skin is SO HAPPY with these pillowcases!

I put off buying these for months because of the cost, and finally bought them 9 months ago, and yep, should've bought them sooner, but oh well, I'm happy now! I've had terrible hormonal acne my entire life, and especially through pregnancies, but these help so much. I had finally gotten in the habit of changing pillowcases frequently, but even so, I wasn't doing it everyday, and with Silvon pillowcases, I don't have to be nearly so careful with the schedule. These are also really helpful for keeping new ear/face piercings clean, cause it's recommended to change pillowcases very frequently to keep piercings as clean as possible as they heal, so antimicrobial pillowcases are perfect for that!

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