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Sheet Set

Bedding for better skin. Woven with silver to naturally eliminate acne-causing bacteria so you always have a clean surface to rest on.

What's included:

2x Pillowcases
1x Fitted Sheet
1x Flat Sheet

Status: Ready to ship

Clinically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteriaClinically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteria

Woven with soft and breathable Supima® cottonWoven with soft and breathable Supima® cotton

Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenicDermatologist tested and hypoallergenic

Bedding for better skin

Ordinary sheets collect bacteria, only to transfer it right back onto your skin. Plus, most of us don’t change our sheets as much as we should. Our silver threads help stop bacteria from reproducing — so you always have a clean bed to climb into.

Cool and comfortable

We combined our silver threads with Supima® cotton to invent a silk-soft and breathable fabric that your skin will love.

Thoughtful details 

Our premium grippy elastic keeps your fitted sheet in place no matter what. 


3,873 reviews


Jose M.


So grateful

I am so happy that I could find something like this for my friend because he was having a lot of problems with his skin. I hope this helps him. Thank you silvon.

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Ysel I.


So soft

I love how smooth the sheets are- they glide over my bed and I feel like I slide over everything. I’ve been using them for a month now and just love the feel of them. I haven’t noticed affects on my acne yet but feel comfortably clean in my sheets.

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Evan M.


Perfect Line of Products

Never let down by Silvon’s products! I’ve purchased their towels, face masks, pillowcases, and duvet cover and I am always thoroughly pleased with the quality of their products. If there was one thing I’d change about any of them, it would just be adding a noseband to the masks since I wear glasses Hoping to see the silk pillowcase come back around!

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Gabrielle W.


Soft and cooling

Super luxurious feel! Very elegant and functional. I look forward to getting in bed every day

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Mark B.



I've struggled with acne for 25 years and for the last several weeks have had none because of Silvon.

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Siara M.


Soft and clean

I am really enjoying the comfort of my new sheets. They feel clean as they are smooth, but of course I have no idea the bacteria count on these compared to my previous sheets. I must trust the marketing! Seriously though, these are comfortable and do not seem to be taking on the "skin staining" that happens with other white cloths (sheets, towels, shirts, etc.).

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Dutt P.


Great pillow case

Very soft and clean pillow case for prolonged use

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Juan M.


Soft and fresh

Pillow cases feel very soft and they always feel fresh.

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Stephanie Z.


The BEST Sheets!!

I have now purchased two full Queen sets and I am in love. If you have acne, these sheets are a must. My breakouts have diminished significantly and the sheets keep me cool. BUY THEM NOW!

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Leila M.


The best!!

The towels are the best fluffiest towels I’ve ever owned. Since using the pillowcases my skin is so much nicer! My only complaint would be that they use FedEx for shipping because FedEx is the absolute worst. Definitely putting another couple towel sets on my Christmas list.

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