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Silvon Pillowcase

An essential to any skincare routine. Our pillowcase is woven with silver to naturally eliminate acne-causing bacteria so you always have a clean surface to rest on.


Clinically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteriaClinically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteria

Woven with soft and breathable Supima® cottonWoven with soft and breathable Supima® cotton

Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenicDermatologist tested and hypoallergenic

Sleep, meet skincare

Ordinary pillowcases collect bacteria, only to transfer it right back onto your skin. This vicious cycle can cause blemish-prone skin to freak out or heal slower than usual. Our pillowcase provides your clean face a clean surface to rest on.

Sleep on a cloud

We combined our silver threads with Supima® cotton to invent a silk-soft and breathable fabric that your skin will love.

Natural science

Silver has a natural talent of repelling bacteria. We don't use any harsh chemicals or treatments.


3,410 reviews


Megan M.


Super soft

I love it, it’s so comforting to know my pillow isn’t contributing to my acne

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Darshawn R.


Good Quality Pillowcases

This product was perfect, bought it specifically to help reduce my chances of breaking out and it’s worked wonders on my skin. Very satisfied.

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Karissa R.


Backne still not back :)

I could tell my skin had improved in less than two weeks. This is the real deal. Will buy more from this brand.

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Daniel Z.


Amazing Pillowcase

Absolutely love the feel of this pillowcase. The anti acne properties are just a bonus!

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William M.


Silver pillow

This is a very soft fabric very durable fabric and it has controlled my breakouts within 2 weeks

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Madeline J.


These sheets have changed the game

I absolutely LOVE these sheets. The quality is suburb, and my skin has truly improved. I first started with one pillow case and loved my results, I had to buy the king set!

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Will N.


Forget the rest, buy the best

I can really see my skin getting better after a week of sleeping in the pillow case. The cool touch is also great for warm climate area ❤️

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Triana E.


New Silvon pillow case

I love my pillow case. Not only is it comfortable, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in acne on my cheeks. The pillow case is also a great color and styles well with the rest of my bedding.

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jacquelyn s.


So soft and cooling

Absolutely LOVE my Silvon pillowcase!!! I was pretty skeptical about its acne reduction claims, but I've struggled with breakouts on my chin and jawline for almost 10 yrs so figured why not try it. First thing I noticed was how soft and cool it felt against my sensitive skin. After using it for 2 months I can honestly say I've seen an improvement in my skin! The pillowcase gets softer with every wash and my skin looks less red and inflamed when I wake up. I'm sold and want to buy a sheet set next! Don't hesitate, treat yo'self!

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Melissa T.



I have suffered from insomnia and acne prone skin for almost 7 years now. I have bought the set which was quite pricey but definitely worth the wonders it creates. I fall asleep almost instantly due to the cooling affect the sheets have; when it gets warmer out you stay warm with Silvon sheets! These sheets are perfect for any time of the year. My face has definitely felt a lot less textured when I switched from using regular old Walmart sheets to Silvon. This product was definitely worth the price and from now on I am only using Silvon and I don't intend on switching any time soon. I have already told so many people about Silvon and I hope to tell more about it becuase it is such a great investment and is worth the price of helping insomnia and acne prone skin

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