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Hand Towel

An essential finish to any skincare routine. Our towels are woven with silver to naturally eliminate acne-causing bacteria so you always have a clean towel to dry off with.

Includes: 1 Hand Towel

Status: Ready to ship

Clinically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteriaClinically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteria

Woven with soft and breathable Supima® cottonWoven with soft and breathable Supima® cotton

Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenicDermatologist tested and hypoallergenic

Better for your skin

Ordinary towels collect bacteria, only to transfer it right back onto your skin. This vicious cycle can cause blemish-prone skin to freak out or heal slower than usual. The Silvon towel improves skin health by providing a clean towel to dry off with. 

Soft to the touch

We combined our silver threads with Supima® cotton to invent a soft and absorbent towel that your skin will love.

Musty, no more

Our silver fibers don’t just stop acne-causing bacteria they prevent odor-causing bacteria from reproducing, too.

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