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We are Silvon

Modern home essentials, woven with pure silver for a comfortable and healthy home. Sold directly to you, without the luxury price tag.

Our Technology

Silver is naturally oligodynamic – simply put this means that it prevents the growth of bacteria. By fusing our fibers with natural silver, these antimicrobial properties are permanently ingrained into our fabrics. We’d love to say we’re the first to use this silver technology, but do a quick search and you’ll see that it’s actually been used since the beginning of modern medicine.

Our Materials

We set out to innovate textiles using the best natural materials available.Our silver yarn is made with pure silver right here in the USA. Similar products rely on cheaper, synthetic alternatives that wash out over time. Our organic cotton is responsibly sourced and sustainably grown.

Our Design.

We spend years researching, sourcing and finetunting our fabrics. We think less is more, which is why we don’t include unnecessary patterns or detailing. Instead, we focus on creating the finest fabrics we could imagine. All using natural materials.