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TRAY Light

This innovative, made to order light is designed to become the center of your rituals. TRAY features a small tray perched atop a warm glow — the perfect place for you essentials as you ease into bed. The soft light and smooth dimmer help you wind down naturally for better sleep.

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Sustainably made with corn PLASustainably made with corn PLA

Smooth dimmer switchSmooth dimmer switch

Made in CaliforniaMade in California

Body: Custom blend of translucent corn PLA (polyactic acid) specifically formulated to create a warm, diffusive glow without affecting the color temperature of the light source. Each translucent part is finished with a unique UV-protective layer.

Cord: 90 inch TPE cord with dimmer switch and flat wall plug.

Bulb: 8.5W E12 LED Bulb (90+ CRI, 850 Lumens, Soft-white).

Switch: Dimmable switch on-cord. 100-120V US 2-prong plug. Certified by SGS for UL and CSA.


TRAY Light9.1" x 9.1" x 5.5"
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    30 night trial

Better light. Better sleep.

Light has proven effects on sleep quality. So, we set out to create an innovative light that would become the center of your bedtime ritual. Warm (2700k) light and a smooth dimmer help you wind down for better, deeper sleep.

Give everything a home

When TRAY is not being used as a light, it continues to act as a small organizing tray for your favorite objects. It's equally suitable for your bedside, atop your desk, or at your entryway.

Sourced from nature

TRAY is made with Gantri’s polymers that are uniquely derived from sugar crops - corn, sugarcane and sugar beets. In addition, all partners are committed to non-GMO and sustainable farming practices.

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