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Silvon Silk

Your face and hair have never looked this good. Unlock the benefits of Silver + Silk.

Meet your new favorite quiet luxury

Introducing the epitome of refinement: Silvon Silk pillowcases woven with silver coated silk fibers. These pillowcases combine the opulence of silk with the antimicrobial properties of silver, enhancing your sleep experience while promoting skin and hair health.

The Silvon Silk difference

Prevent wrinkles

The smooth surface of silk guards against wrinkles, ensuring you wake up to a world of timeless allure.


The inherent moisture-wicking properties of silk pillowcases regulate humidity, keeping your skin hydrated throughout the night, resulting in a supple and radiant morning glow.

Stop hair-breakage

Silk pillowcases delicately cradle your hair, minimizing friction and reducing the likelihood of hair breakage as you rest.


The antimicrobial effects of silver inhibit the growth of bacteria and allergens, providing a cleaner and more hypoallergenic sleeping environment for a well-rested you.

Silver + cotton: A match made in heaven

We use fibers coated with natural silver — no harsh chemicals or treatments here. By weaving our fabrics with natural silver our fabrics prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria on its surface and have countless benefits to your skin and health. Because these fibers are woven directly into our fabrics, its benefits will not wash away or degrade in strength.