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You troll. We respond.

Us: Hi, we’re Sil—

You: Or you could just wash your pillowcase 🙄🙄🙄

Yes, okay. In theory, you are right. You can just wash your pillowcase. But come on. Acne-causing bacteria breeds while you are sleeping, so you’re telling us that you’re really going to wash your pillowcase every. single. day? If so, that’s on you. But if a mob of energy-saving laundry enthusiasts shows up at your door to picket, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We created our pillowcases to provide you with a peace of mind knowing that you are going to sleep on a clean surface each night. Chances are you take great pride in your skincare routine, and we want to ensure that the bottled skincare products you are using work to their fullest potential. Because what’s the point of a fancy (or even non-fancy) skincare routine if you’re just going to lie down on yesterday’s you?

Speaking of other skincare products…

Us: Your pillowcase is preventing clear skin.

You: Well, can a pillowcase exfoliate dead skin and flush pores of impurities while also balancing PH levels and moisturizing?

Alright, fine. We realize that we are not going to win you over by telling you to trade your favorite skincare products for our pillowcase. In fact, we love other skincare brands and products. Think of our pillowcase as the missing piece (not a replacement) to your current routine. The important takeaway is to find what works for you. Just make sure all the time, effort, and money doesn’t go to waste with a dirty pillowcase.

Until next time, sleep clean and remember to drink water!