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Tested & Proven

If you're anything like us, you're skeptical about every new product you come across. Whether you're scrolling through Instagram or waiting to skip a YouTube ad, you're drawn to campaign after campaign that were built specifically with you in mind. When all you need is the one thing any reliable brand should have—proof.

In our case, antimicrobial silver has been used in the medical community for years. Silver Ion technology has been verified by more than a decade of testing at research institutions including Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University.

Silvon relies on the oligodynamic effects of natural silver, a well regarded antibacterial property that destroys bacteria cells. The result is a 99% reduction in bacteria on the fabric surface, providing countless benefits to your skin and health.

We worked with Micro Quality Labs, a leading independent microbiology lab in California, for all antimicrobial research and testing. In Test ATCC 6919, Microbiology Supervisor Michelle Luu-George found a 99.97% reduction in Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) with our fabrics.

We're also dermatologist recommended:

“We lay our face on our pillowcase every night – it only makes sense to ensure no harmful bacteria are lingering there. Silvon pillowcases are a simple addition to patient’s routine yet they ensure long-term results and keep acne-causing bacteria at bay.” —Dr. McGillivray, Project Skin MD

So why not give us a try?