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Our story

It all started with a simple question. Why rest your clean face on a dirty pillowcase? We set out to design a new kind of fabric. One that worked with your skincare routine — not against it.

How Silvon works

All Silvon products are woven with natural silver clinically-proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. So you always have a clean surface to sleep on.

Finer than a human hair, silver threads are woven directly into our fabrics that permanently stop the growth of bacteria. The use of silver to prevent bacterial growth has been verified with decades of testing at research institutions around the globe.

Our fabrics are made with light and airy, US-grown, Supima® cotton. It’s widely considered the softest cotton in the world. The best part? It gets softer with every wash.

We only use natural materials that have been clinically studied. Pure, natural silver woven with cotton is the best way we know to prevent bacteria naturally. No harsh chemicals here!

Sleep your way to better skin

Traditional fabrics collect bacteria, only to transfer it right back onto your skin. This vicious cycle can cause blemish-prone skin to freak out or heal slower than usual. Switching to a Silvon pillowcase means sleeping on a clean surface every night. We’re also dermatologist recommended :).

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